What Is Web Development and How Does It Work

Have you ever wondered why every business owner follows the trail of having a robust website that turns heads?

Well, the backstage truth is state-of-the-art technology. In today’s world, where every aspect of life is influenced by technology, the marvel of the 21st century, progress can only be achieved if your company moves forward in compliance with modern times. Just like the social connections shifted from interpersonal to the internet, so did the corporate world.

Be certain that having an attractive website is now pivotal for brands to boost their businesses.

Now that we know how having a website for your businesses carries weight, let’s have a closer look at what is website development and how does it work?


Website development refers to the coding or programming done by web developers to render the functionality of a website, over the internet. Chiefly, website development concerns constructing, executing, and maintaining the websites.

It would be fair to say, it’s the labor done in the background to create a website that looks incredible, operates swiftly, and delivers a positive user experience. Moreover, the dynamic duo of website development with creative design is inescapable and plays a major league in the flying speed of a business. Web developers, aka devs, use a variety of coding languages for website creation, as per the requirements.

However, there are many diverse programming languages, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, and some other languages are perhaps the most often used ones in Website Development. According to Statista, almost 65% of developers worldwide employ JavaScript.

. Coming to its classification, Web Development is said to have two of them; Frontend Development and Backend Development.

Frontend Development, also known as the client side of the application, refers to the part that deals with the direct interaction of the user. This culminates in everything you see and what you use, such as the visual appearance of the website, the drop-down boxes, and the content.

Backend Development, also known as the server side of the application, is the part that does not comes in direct contact with the users. It is only visible to the devs who store and arrange data of the website. This area consists of devs that are the brains behind the scenes of what users see as a perfectly functional website they are interacting with. Backend developers must evaluate the requirements of the organization and offer adequate programming solutions.

Developers that take care of both Frontend and Backend development are called Full Stack developers.

The development of a website is an opportunity to tell users about the goods and/or services you are providing, help them see why they must consider purchasing or using your products, and what makes your brand exceptional from others


We’ve discussed what is website development but ever wondered how it works? Well, this has nothing to do with the coding part but knowing about what happens when you visit a web page through your browser, either on a smartphone or computer. The web clients and servers are computers that are linked to the internet.

Clients are the average online user’s internet-connected devices and the web browser software installed on such devices.

Servers are defined as those computers capable of storing websites, sites, and apps.

Now that you know about the clients and servers, let me walk you through what happens exactly.

Picture this: There’s a long road (the web). You want to buy something from a store (the server) that lies at one end of the road, and on the other hand, lies your home (the client). Now stick with me here to hear the best part of the story.

You open your browser and type a web address (metaphorically speaking, you start walking towards the store).

The browser contacts the DNS server and determines the real location of the server that hosts the website (as a part of the story, you find the address of the store).

An HTTP request message to provide a copy of the web page is sent by the browser to the server (you visit the store and order your stuff).

Now, if the approval is given by the server it will send a message succeeding with small chunks (the data packets) in series to the browser of the web files (you received your goods from the store and bring it home).

Finally, the browser comes into play by displaying the web page after tying up the small chunks. (The stuff at your doorsteps now, Boom!)


Now rewind and wrap up all the information we’ve. What does this all mean to you?

Yes, you’re going in the right direction.

It’s a no-brainer, website development plays a significant role in effective business marketing. It would be exceedingly challenging to make an impact on a global scale without it. So lighten your load, create a website, start modifying, and get poised to reap the rewards of your success.

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