How Much Should A Mobile App Cost You

In the modern era, the traffic to ecommerce sites is not just restricted to desktop, the modern technologies makes it easier for business to use mobile applications for traffic generation. People love this new experience of getting the things where they want without switching to the desktops and other heavy devices. As mobile is easy and handy to carry, they can find anything they want just by a single click. Users check the availability of the products, its cost by smartphone apps no matter from where they will end up purchasing.

Some of the advantages of having an E-Commerce app for your business are enhanced Visibility, Customer Engagement and Accessibility.  However, although the advantages are many,   unfortunately budgeting you mobile app development can be a challenge.


Bulding an Android App ?

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The Cost of developing a mobile application depends on many factors including the design and features and functionality.  Android native app can cost you anywhere from USD 10,000 to USD 100,000, which includes design, annual app store fees, and app store registration costs. While for iOS e-commerce app can take up to $9000 to $100000. For hybrid app development, its cost will take up to $25000 – $150000, including the backend programming, wire framing, database, app screen designs, admin application, and APIs. You need to consider the ecommerce app cost as a one-time fixed cost which varies from vendor to vendor.

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